Massage Therapy

At Pure Life Wellness, every massage session is tailored to you. Our primary objective is to pinpoint the root cause of pain or discomfort; doing so informs us on the best approach to massage therapy and allows us to provide a complete plan of care that offers both relief and relaxation. We specialize in various massage modalities including deep tissue massage, migraine massage, prenatal massage, pain relief massage, and more. Our treatment sessions are a full 60/90/120 minutes (as opposed to a 1hour being 50 minutes like most places), we do a lengthy intake before a massage to be able to customize the massage and really tailor the service to the client’s needs. If you are interested in our massage therapy services, contact Pure Life Wellness today.




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Holistic Wellness, Buford, GA 30518
Holistic Wellness, Buford, GA 30518